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Generosity Made Simple!

Blamerson & Associates: Edith Envy

Blamerson calls in Edith Envy to help him with his campaign to make sure slime-fighters are focused on "wanting whatever their neighbors want", so that they can't afford to help others.

Nelson Walters Interview Part #2: 7 Things That Must Happen BEFORE Jesus Returns

In Part #2 of our interview with author Nelson Walters, we examine the pattern of seven things that are predicted to happen before Jesus returns. The author reveals where this pattern is repeated over and over again in both the Old and New Testaments. Then shows how these events are expanded and repeated in the book of Revelation.

Blamerson & Associates: Glutton Moore

William B. Blamerson & Denise Denial call in super villain Glutton Moore, aka "The Hoard" to convince believers that they should not be giving anything to anyone! Weatherton Fractus, aka "The Discourager" assists.


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