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Jesus On The End Times: "The Timing of God's Judgement"

When will Jesus return to judge the earth and those who have rejected Him? What is the difference between man's judgement and God's wrath? How does God's judgement look? This is the final part of our series examining Jesus' words on the end times.

Jesus on the End Times: "What Will The Day of The Lord Look Like?"

Throughout the entire Bible one theme is repeated over and over again: "The Day of The Lord". It's a day when the entire world will see the Messiah coming with the clouds to met out judgement on the world, and reward those who are His. Marquis looks at the timing and various descriptions of this day. Also, should you and I pay taxes? How biblical is tax evasion?...

Jesus on the End Times: "Who Are The Two Witnesses?"

This is part #10 in our 12 part series featuring what Jesus said about the end times. Marquis looks at two of the most popular characters in the Bible and their role in the return of Jesus Christ. In our Q & A segment Marquis tackles the age old question of "why bad things happen to good people". What should we think when we think "what was God thinking?"

Jesus on the End Times: "The Abomination of Desolation"

Marquis details the key event that will identify the Antichrist and start the greatest persecution of the church and Israel the world has ever known. This is part #9 of our 12 part series examining Jesus on The End Times.

Jesus on the End Times: "Gospel Shared With The Entire World"

How close are we to seeing the Gospel shared with the entire world? Jesus said this would happen prior to His return. This is part #8 of our 12 part series called Jesus on The End Times. Jesus also predicts that Jerusalem will be surrounded by enemies just before He comes back. Marquis examines the timeline for these events.

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