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Generosity Made Simple!

Jesus on the End Times: "Wars & Rumors of Wars"

What did Jesus mean when he predicted that "there will be wars and rumors of wars"? How does war play a part in the sequence of end-time events? What wars should we be expecting to happen next? Marquis examines Jesus' teaching about war, and why it will be a sign that Jesus is returning soon.

Jesus on the End Times: "Let No Man Deceive You"

Jesus warned His disciples to make sure that "no man deceived them" about His return. Marquis examines the Scriptures to reveal four different types of people destined to deceive others just prior to Jesus' return. Then he shares a list of the biggest lies they will tell, and how this deception has already begun.

Jesus on the End Times: "The Days of Noah"

This is part #1 in our series on what Jesus taught about the End Times. Marquis examines what Jesus meant when He said that when He returns "it will be like the days of Noah". How does our world resemble Noah's now? What trends and current events are pointing toward the fulfillment of Jesus' words?

The President Visits Blamerson & Associates

Marquis discusses the recent United Nations vote against Israel and the prophetic implications it has. He also outlines what to expect from the show in 2017.

The Story of Christmas (In Chronological Order)

Our Christmas show features Marquis Laughlin sharing the story of Christmas from the scriptures in chronological order. Marquis also shares the hopes and dreams Acts of The Word Ministry has for 2017, and all of the ways "slime-fighters" have been using the show to bless others! Merry Christmas!

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