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21 Things Jesus Said About Our Future Part #2

Jesus spoke of a series of events that would occur just prior to His return. Discover how those events will unfold in part #2 of our series on the "21 Things Jesus Said About The Future".

21 Things Jesus Said About Our Future Part #1

Here is part 1 of a 3 part series examining 21 things Jesus predicted would happen just prior to His return.

5 Way To Clearly Understand What Jesus Said About The Future

Jesus made many predictions about the future, but how can we make sure we're interpreting them correctly? Marquis discusses 5 basic tools you can use to make sure you're understanding what the Bible says about the End-Times


Why I Believe Jesus About The Future

Marquis discusses the odds of predicting the future and the world's most reliable source for obtaining information about it.

The Best Shows of 2014

Marquis shares a summary of the hottest topics we covered in 2014...

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