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Where is Marquis is going to be next?

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Meet The Seven Super Villains of Society


The Bible Live Volume 1


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The Future of Natural Disasters Pt #1

Natural Disasters like earthquakes, famines, plagues, and pestilences are a big part of what the Bible says will happen just before the return of Jesus. In this program marquis discusses the top 10 natural disasters in recent history, and how what we're seeing in today's healines was predicted to happen nearly 2,000 years ago...

The Future of Government Part #3 The Reign of The Antichrist

The Future of Government Part #3: The Reign of The Antichrist. How will the Antichrist come to power? What will his world government look like? Why will people fear and obey him? Plus, what will Jesus' kingdom look like? How will he defeat the Antichrist and rule the world?

The Future of Government Part #2 The Bible Predicted This Mess

In Part #2 of our series on the future of Government we discuss the nations that were predicted to be here and thier relationships to each other and Israel, and several theory's about where  American is in Bible prophecy.

The Future of Government Part #1

The Future of World Government Part #1 explores how God has predicted every major world government since the beginning of time in the Bible. The Bible has more than 2,500 predictions and so far more than 2,000 of them have already come true. What does the Bible have to say about the governments that exist right now? In the future?

The Future of Money Pt. #3 The Fall of Money

In part #3 of our series on "The Future of Money" Marquis discusses the fall of Babylon the Great. Who or where is this great city? How and why will she be destroyed. And how will the world react?

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